Games Records

Heavy Events

Event Distance Holder Year
16lb. Hammer (Open)151ft 6½inS. King1998
16lb. Hammer (Local)151ft 6½inS. King1998
Putting 16lb. Ball (Open)62ftL. Wenta2013
Putting 16lb. Ball (Local)52ft 10inL. Colthart2015
22lb. Hammer (Open)120ft 10½inS. King1998
56lb. Over Bar (Open)16ft 7inV. Tulacek2019
56lb. For Distance (Open)46ft 1inLarry Brock2006
28lb. For Distance (Local)73ft 11inL. Colthart2011
Dr. Clegg's Clach (Old Style)38ft 8inW. Zijlstra1993
* Dr. Clegg's Clach42ft 1inJ. Parman2004
42lb wt. Over Bar (Local)17ft 9inS. King2002
Tobermory Galleon
Cannonball Throw33ft 10inL. Colthart2016

* ln 2003 the throwing style was changed but the record for old style throwing 2003 will stand.

Light Events

Event Distance/ Time Holder Year
Hop Step & LeapOpen50ft 1in*Allan Hamilton2016
Hop Step & LeapLocal48ft 7½inKenny Macintyre1965
High LeapOpen6 ft 3½inJ. Scott1955
High LeapLocal6ft 2inAngus Sinclair2014
Long JumpOpen25ft 5.5inAllan Hamilton2022
Long JumpLocal21ft 11inK. Macintyre1966
Pole VaultOpen12ft 8inIan Ward1964
Pole VaultLocal10ftJ. MacMillan1968
100Yds RaceOpen10 secJ. Scott1956
Open10 secW. MacLellan1964
Local10 secK. Preston1998
220Yds RaceOpen24 secW. Rutherford1968
Local25.33secM. Turner2007
440Yds RaceOpen54.31 secIain McGurk1997
Local55.03 secM. Turner2007
Half Mile RaceOpen2min 4seA. Simpson1968
One Mile RaceOpen & Local4min 31secJ. MacFadyen1996