There is no better sign that Games day has arrived in Tobermory, than the sounds of the pipers tuning up and practising reverberating all around the bay.

It has been suggested by some musical historians that the Bagpipes in Scotland can be traced back to 100 A.D. The Clan Pipers were highly esteemed, sharing the Chieftains food and drink.

The competitors compete in several styles of piping.

The competition Strathspey for the Great Highland Bagpipe is intended as a display of virtuosity.

The March is an up-tempo melody tune, played especially to march to. Characterised by extended compositions, with a melodic theme and elaborate formations, the music of the Pibroch actually pre-dates the Bagpipes.

Another term is ceol mor, meaning the 'great music' to distinguish this complex form of music from the more popular Scottish music such as reels and marches.